I’m Slowly Learning that Goodbye doesn’t have to Hurt

I’m slowly learning that goodbye doesn’t have to hurt. But what hurts is snug to the past.
I’m slowly learning to let go of the things I need to. The people who are no longer intended for me.

I refuse too.

I refuse too.

I’m slowly learning to stand still when someone walks away instead of rushing them. That the right people will, in fact, be the ones that stay.
I’m learning to not examine my image thinking maybe there was something I required. Or something I did wrong. But fairly understanding the difference between being good enough for someone and being right enough for them.
I’m slowly learning there are some mistakes I can’t alteration. Some people that might not forgive me. But that shouldn’t affect me forgiving myself and annoying to move forward. That sometimes the best thing to do is learn.
I’m slowly learning to not waste any more time.
I’m slowly learning to take charge for my happiness.
I’m slowly learning to wake up and start my day on a good base even if it still hurts sometimes.
I’m slowly learning to not let other people’s activities control how I’m feeling.
I’m learning to not emphasis so much on the things I don’t have but rather appreciate what I do. That one person might be away but so many others aren’t.
To stop tapping my happiness in the hands of someone else.
I’m slowly learning what it’s like to actually live alone and try and be happy with it.
And expressive that it’s okay when there are some days I’m not there yet.
I’m slowly learning that leasing go doesn’t mean I’m weak.
I’m slowly learning what it’s like to be alone.
And I’m slowly learning that I like it.

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